If you love adventure, quad bikes are a great way to experience an adrenaline rush. Typically, these four-wheeled bikes will have a sturdy build and quality finish. Nevertheless, they do take quite a lashing on rough terrains so they will require some maintenance to prevent them from succumbing to premature wear and tear. The following are some handy maintenance tips that you could use to prolong the life of your quad bike.

Change the oil on a regular basis

To ensure the efficiency of your quad bike, you have to maintain a regular schedule for changing its oil. When changing the oil, ensure you have completely drained the old oil before refilling it with the fresh oil. This is to prevent any cross contamination between the two. Old oil is hazardous to your bike, as it becomes a magnet for debris, dirt and a range of other contaminants that would corrode the internal components of the bike. Before changing the oil, warm up your quad bike for a few minutes as this will make the oil easier to drain out. With regular oil changes, your quad bikes engine will be performing at optimal efficiency.

Clean and change the air filter on a regular basis

Another important component of your quad bike is its filter. If you are driving the bike with a dirty filter, you are putting undue stress on your engine. Over time, this will drastically decrease the performance of the engine. To enhance the performance of the engine, you need to ensure that it is getting sufficient amounts of air as well as fuel. A dirty filter will begin to transfer grime and pollutants into the air that circulates in the engine, and this will lead to the gradual deterioration of its performance. This is why it is crucial to ensure that you are cleaning or changing the filter as recommended by the original manufacturer. It should be noted that the more you use your quad bike, the faster the filter will accumulate dirt.

Inspect the spark plugs on a frequent basis

The appearance of spark plugs of your quad bike act as a good indicator of how pure the fuel that you are using is. Typically, spark plugs will have a brownish appearance. If you find that the spark plugs have started becoming a darker brown, this could mean that the fuel you are using is excessively concentrated. On the other hand, light brown spark plugs would indicate fuel that is of a light consistency. In both instances, it would be prudent to ensure that fuel has mixed to the appropriate consistency to maintain the performance of your quad bike.