If you're into caravanning, you already know the benefits of having your own home-away-from-home. Getting away from the daily grind and the hassles of urban life without having to sacrifice too much in the way of comfort is a valuable asset in this hectic modern age.

Adding an awning makes caravan holidays an even more enjoyable experience, giving you extra sheltered space and a way to enjoy the outdoors without being at the mercy of the elements. But if you're using your caravan awning on its own, you're not making the most of it. Invest in some of these caravan awning spare accessories to maximise your caravan experience.

Solar-powered lighting

While you probably have sufficient lighting inside the caravan itself, the awning area is prone to getting extremely dingy once the sun sets. Instead of going elsewhere, retiring inside or, worst of all, calling it a night, a solar-powered light can let you carry on enjoying yourself for longer.

Because they charge up during the daylight hours, there's no need to worry about finding a power source or replacing batteries. As long as the sunlight can reach the solar panel, you're good to go. Many lights even switch on automatically when it gets dark, so you don't even need to think about it.

Electronic bug zapper

Mozzies are a real pain, and you can guarantee they'll find a way into your awning no matter how careful you are. Hanging a zapping device in the area will attract and dispatch them quickly, so you won't get covered in itchy bites while you sit back and relax.

Folding table and chairs

Look for a set that folds away in as compactly as possible so you can minimise the space you need when you're transporting it. Usually, a table and chairs can be set up in seconds, and it sure beats a blanket on the ground.

Outdoor speaker

Portable speakers come in all shapes and sizes these days, but make sure you get one that's resistant to various weathers so you can enjoy your music, no matter whatever nature is throwing at you. You'll want one that holds a long charge so it can run for as long as possible, and look for a Bluetooth model that can connect wirelessly to all your devices.

Portable electric cooler

Nobody likes a warm beer, but keeping them cool outside can be difficult. Electric coolers take all the hassle out of it and are an absolute must-have. Some models even have a warming mode in case you need to transport hot food.