When looking for flexible and affordable holiday accommodation, many people use camper trailers or caravans to meet their needs. Offering total freedom and flexibility, camper trailers and caravans enable holidaymakers to travel the country to their heart's content. However, some people find the organisation and practicalities of holidaying with limited space difficult, but there are some very simple hacks around to help make the most of the camper trailer and caravan accessories available. 

1. For drying clothes: Hand-washing clothes may be a chore, but drying clothes in a limited space can prove even harder. By using a suspension rod across the top of a shower in a caravan, it is possible to hang clothes whilst they are still damp; not only allowing them to air dry, but also allowing them to do so crease free!

2. For storing kid's toys: Whether holidaying in a caravan or camper trailer with kids, keeping their toys and books organised on the journey can be difficult. Shower caddies with suction cups are perfect for storing a child's paraphernalia, making sure everything they need is easily at hand and can be reached safely. Shower caddies make excellent camper trailer or caravan accessories with a multitude of uses throughout the holiday. 

3. For rubbish disposal: With the limited space available in a camper trailer or caravan, it can be hard to keep rubbish collection under control, with wastepaper baskets or traditional bins with open tops prone to falling over and spilling rubbish everywhere. By using a lidded kitchen container or lunchbox, you can create the perfect camper trailer or caravan rubbish bin—a must-have accessory for any happy camper. 

4.  For keeping things in place: Velcro stickers are readily available and are a great accessory for any camper trailer or caravan holiday-maker to keep stashed away. Losing remote controls and mobile phones is easy enough to do at home, add the confined space of a camper trailer or caravan into the equation, and the problem becomes exacerbated. To avoid losing smaller items, simply purchase sticky velcro labels and attach one side of the label to the small and easy to lose item, then the other to a surface in your camper trailer or caravan. 

5. For washing up: Every square centimetre of space is essential in a camper trailer or caravan, but washing up still needs to be done. In order to have somewhere to dry crockery, pots and pans, the perfect accessory is an over the sink drying rack. Easy to store away, simply fit the rack over the sink after completing the washing up, place the wet items on the rack and wait for them to dry—with no need to argue over whose turn it is to do the drying up!

By using these simple hacks for your caravan or camper trailer accessories, it is possible to not only maximise the space available during your holiday, but also to save time—leaving more time to have fun!